Cutting someone off because of their vote

The day before Election Day, a headline reads, “‘You are no longer my mother:’ How the election is dividing American families.

Maybe a sobering headline to some as Thanksgiving also draws near; it tells the story of Mayra Gomez and what happened when the lifelong Democrat told her 21-year-old son that she was voting for President Donald Trump.

That was five months ago and judging by their last conversation she says their relationship may be irreconcilable – even if Trump loses.

“The damage is done,” she told Reuters. “In people’s minds, Trump is a monster. It’s sad. There are people not talking to me anymore, and I’m not sure that will change.”

Has your family faced a similar situation? Is cutting off a family because of their vote a rational move? Has American politics become so divided that it’s affecting people’s mental health? Are you only inviting certain people to Thanksgiving because of their politics? Are you setting ground rules, such as not discussion politics?

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