Common and His Mother Help Raise Funds for Public Schools

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Common is such a great guy!

Common and His Mother Help Raise Funds for Public Schools

Common and his mother, Dr. Mahalia A. Hines, are assisting in the back to school effort.

They are teaming up with Burlington Stores and to raise money for public school students and teachers across the country.

Their second year of involvement in the program kicked off with a visit to a New York City classroom and a $10,000 donation.

Common said, “My mother has been in the Chicago school system for more than 35 years, and I am honored to do my part to help teachers get the materials they need to help their students succeed.”

When does school start up in your area (if it hasn’t already)? Are you helping out any back to school supply drives at your station? What was the school supply you used the most as a kid?



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