Chris Connors

Congratulations Janet!

What will I be doing on Sunday May 20th?……Watching the Billboard Music Awards….Why?? Janet Jackson […]

Who Knew?

Apparently, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Gabrielle Union haven’t been on speaking terms for 17 years!  Jada […]

Mrs. Cosby speaks!!

  Camille Cosby has finally spoken. In the statement, Mrs. Cosby says the case against […]

No more reruns?

The Cosby show was one of the biggest hit TV shows of the 80’s.  The […]

$5 Movie???

I can go to the movies again!!!! AMC Theaters has announced that they’re bringing back […]

Bill Cosby Guilty!

The Jury in Bill Cosby’s retrial found him guilty of all three counts of aggravated […]

Church of BEYONCÉ?????

This really happened!  A church in San Francisco held a service that was completely devoted […]