Cassidy Reveals How He Feels About R. Kelly

Cassidy recently talked about R. Kelly and his sex crimes and shared his opinion about R. Kelly’s legacy. Cassidy said about the R. Kelly sextape that was circulating prior to his collab with Kelly, “I probably wasn’t aware of it that time. It probably came to my attention later. And I wasn’t sure about it. At that time it was weird.” He continued, “I was a superfan of R. Kelly, and this was my first album, my first single. So to be working with somebody of that magnitude, your first go-round… For me to be trying to argue that about some tape that I don’t even know… I wasn’t doing no research and digging deep at that time ’cause I ain’t the law.” He added, “I ain’t here to point the finger at R. Kelly and these n#####. That ain’t my job. I just respect the n####’s music.”

Why do you think Cassidy was wrong for how he feels about R. Kelly today?