Bruno Mars….you need to pay Angie Stone!

I thought for sure that Bruno Mars paid Angie Stone and The group Sequence for using Uptown Funk.  It certainly sounds a lot like the original song to me!  From what sources are saying, Angie Stone feels that way as well.  She would like to see a check in the mail or a direct deposit from Bruno Mars! Angie was a member of The Sequence back in the day and some of their music was used to craft Uptown Funk.

In a recent interview, Stone said, “He never sampled it, he did an interpolation, which is, you re-record something and kind of twist it around.” There were two songs from The Sequence that were used.

Bruno Mars gave props to The Sequence but Angie is still waiting on the financial compensation.  She said, “And I’m still waiting on them to admit we deserve this because at least 10 people have gotten their checks and I’m still waiting on mine.”

Looks like Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars needs to cut the check at some point. Is being inspired by a song becoming the new sampling and will the original artists keep going to court over this?


What’s your thoughts?



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