Brandon Marshall Claims Kanye West Was Kicked Out Of Super Bowl By Taylor Swift

Recently, Brandon Marshall, who used to play for the Denver Broncos, stated that he believes that Kanye West was removed from the Super Bowl stadium because of Taylor Swift’s request. Marshall said during a podcast, confusing Perry with Swift, “Kanye West pulls up to Vegas. Kanye West buys a ticket to right in front of Katy Perry’s booth, so any time they were going to be showing Katy Perry, Kanye’s face was going to be there.” He continued, “He’s got a mask on with his logo on the mask—typical Kanye. Taylor Swift gets p**sed off; she boom boom makes a call or two. Everybody’s involved. He gets kicked out the stadium!” He added, “He was trying to leverage her celebrity … That’s what he tried to do; he tried to sit in front of Taylor Swift.”

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