‘Black-ish’ Star Jenifer Lewis Fell Victim to Con Artist’s Nearly $400K Scheme

Jenifer Lewis was one of four women who were victims of a con artist scheme that generated close to $400,000 for the man.

His name is Antonio Wilson. He met Jenifer at an LA Fitness gym that he managed and that she worked out of.

They began a romantic relationship. He convinced her he was an Oscar winner.

He also convinced her to “invest” $50,000 in his film project.

She was not the only one. He met three other women on the dating app, Bumble.

He convinced them to invest in his two fake businesses; one being a software company and one being a sound design company.

He pled guilty to a federal wire charge fraud on Friday for conning the women out of their money.

He previously served four years in jail for tax evasion and wire fraud.

Have you ever gone online and investigated someone you were dating? If yes, did you admit to them what you did?

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