Beyonce’s ‘Homecoming’ Premiere on Netflix Drew 1.1 Million U.S. Viewers, Nielsen Says

Beyonce proves she has what it takes to set Netflix on fire! Her live concert video “Homecoming” drew 1.1 million U.S. viewers when it premiered on April 17th, according to Nielsen.

63 percent of “Homecoming” viewers were African-American, with 70 percent of the people that viewed the documentary in the first seven days were women.

“Homecoming” boasted an audience of 55 percent over the first seven days, which is more than any Netflix film or series to date. The closest to hit the mark was “Bird Box” with 24 percent.

Beyonce has two more Netflix specials that are going to be released, which could mean even bigger numbers for the streaming platform.

How many times have you watched Beyonce’s “Homecoming” documentary?

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