Benzino Rehashes Eminem ‘Racism’ Controversy With N-Word Montage

Benzino continues his attack on Eminem, accusing the rapper of being racist and criticizing his appearance in a recent video trailer. Benzino claims to have “destroyed” Eminem with his “Rap Elvis” single and challenges him to a face-to-face battle. Despite his strong words, Benzino also expresses that he doesn’t hate Eminem and believes the rapper could help address racism in America. On Thursday (March 14), the former Source magazine editor wrote on Instagram: “Throughout history you always had those black individuals who will always make excuses for racist white people. Always, someone of color will believe this is okay and sad.”  A video reel of live performances and archival records of Eminem reportedly uttering the racial slur was posted with the description, although some footage did not show him saying the N-word.

Why do you think Benzino is so obsessed with Eminem? Do you think people of color give some people a pass for saying the n-word?