Aubrey O’Day Praises Cassie’s Bravery For Coming Forward Against Diddy

Aubrey O’Day jumped right in to publicly support Cassie after she accused Sean “Diddy” Combs of sexual misconduct. “I had it up within the first five minutes of seeing it because Cassie is a victim and she has an insane amount of bravery,” O’Day said at a recent red carpet event. “We all need to thank her because this needed to be broken through and bigger, which, I believe, Cassie would feel as well. Changes need to be made in the music industry and there needs to be a safe space for artists to evolve.” “There needs to be a place where there’s never anyone that can put an obligation over your head or hold your career over your head in any capacity,” continued the former Danity Kane singer.

How do you feel about Aubrey’s comments?