Ashanti Mocks Nelly For Losing His Tooth During Super Bowl Weekend

During Super Bowl weekend, Nelly had an accident and lost his tooth during the festivities, and he decided to show his new look to Ashanti. Nelly said, “I knocked my goddamn tooth out my mouth.” Ashanti replied, “Babe, where is it? I found it for you when we was in Miami. Where are the spares?” Nelly added, “There ain’t no f**king spares, what the f**k you talking about?! Yo, you need to shut the f**k up right now.” She continued, “Don’t tell me to shut the f**k up. I had some spares for you.” Nelly then asked her if she still loves him, and she replied, “Yes, of course.”

What is something you tease your significant other about?