Aretha Franklin’s Family Claps Back at Wendy Williams

Aretha Franklin’s estate is blasting talk show host Wendy Williams for “irresponsible” and “mocking” remarks about Aretha’s upcoming gospel film.

Wendy questioned the movies visual quality, Aretha’s natural look and the motivation behind releasing the movie.

In a lengthy statement, the family explained that it was 1972-the era of Black Power, natural hair and simple make up. There was no show girl glamor, pressed hair or eyelashes.

Wendy also questioned the financial motives of the movie because the Estate is said to be in a mess and Aretha had imposed an injunction against the movie.

“Amazing Grace,” which opens in limited theaters on April 5, 2019, and nationally on April 19, 2019.

Are you happy Wendy is back on the air or would you prefer one of her guest co-hosts take over the show?

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