Area 51 Raid Has Reached Over 1.5 Million

What started off as an Area 51 joke on Facebook has snowballed into a movement with over 1.5 million people planning to take part in “Storm Area 51”

If you’ve been under a rock, “Storm Area 51” is a movement that started on Facebook with a few people planning to meet up at Area 51 in Nevada and raid the center to see if there are really aliens being held there.

Even celebrities like Danny Trejo and Guy Fieri have joined the cause, and Lil Nas X has even offered to perform at the event.

Despite the interest, no one really knows if the event will really happen. The Air Force has already warned people that if you come and try a raid they will have to protect their assets.

Do you think there are really aliens at Area 51? Do you think people will really go through with the raid?

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