This year Charlotte NC hosted the NBA All Star Festivities.There were lots in attendance. It was my first time being able to experience such an event. From the celebrities to the parties, there was something going on all the time. People came from everywhere that have never been able to attend All Star. Everyone was definitely there to make a fashion statement lol. If you could afford the Big Game, you got the chance to hear Anthony Hamilton do his own version of the National Anthem. Although some compared it to Marvin Gays version when he sang for the NBA, there were some who said they really didn’t care for it. Anthony was accompanied by 2 guitarist that put a jazz touch to it. I enjoyed it but I am an Anthony Hamilton Fan. I really think a lot of people are still a little upset about the Anthem and the Kaepernick situation which made it hard for them to enjoy it. Overall, the majority of people loved it.