50 Cent Vows To Make Up For Terrence Howard’s Meager Earnings: ‘This Hurt My Stomach’

50 Cent has vowed to compensate Terrence Howard after the Oscar-winning actor revealed his low pay for Hustle & Flow. Howard alleged in November that he was paid $12,000 for the performance, for which he was nominated for Best Actor at the 78th Academy Awards and rapped on the soundtrack. Additionally, Howard disclosed that he had not been paid royalties for the songs he had performed. He explained that Paramount listed his songs as “performed by DJay,” his character’s name instead of his real name so he would have to sue the studio to get paid. 50 caught wind of Howard’s issue and vowed to help him make some money. “This sh_t hurt my stomach to hear @terrencehoward say this. F_ck em [raised eyebrow emoji],” the G-Unit head honcho said. “I need the best actors and I’m gonna pay them. @tarajiphenson you cool with @maryjblige ask her, she got a BIG F_CKIN BAG. GLG GREENLIGHTGANG My young boy’s @michaelraineyjr, @mekaicurtis, @LilMeechBMF are all making millions.”

What do you think of Terrence Howard’s claims of not getting paid?