50 Cent Trolls Will Smith. Will Smith Cusses Out 50 Cent

The Red Table Talk between Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith was the talk of the weekend. Jada’s entanglement with August Alsina, Will’s facial expressions, and the all-out uncomfortableness of it will be remembered for a while.

Of course, 50 Cent couldn’t leave it alone. 50 posted a DM conversation between himself and Will on Instagram.

50 started out concerned asking Will if he was “alright over there.” Will said “I’m cool. I appreciate your concern.”

When 50 Cent asked Will why Jada shared the information on the relationship on Red Table Talk, Will responded, “We broke up so she did her and I did me.” 50 replied, “Then she said only SHE can give permission for somebody to blow her back out.” Will responded, “F**k you, 50.” 50 wrote back, “wait, what I do?”

Speak about a time when you started out concerned and quickly went in for the troll.

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