50 Cent Calls Off His Beef With Rotimi After Getting Paid

As quickly as the beef between 50 Cent and his Power co-star, Rotimi started it’s now over.

50 claimed Rotimi owed him $300,000 and after Rotimi took to Instagram to celebrate his new album, Walk With Me going number one, 50 Cent was right there to make sure that Rotimi didn’t celebrate too soon.

According to TMZ Rotimi said he paid 50 $100,000 and would pay the remainder when royalty checks started coming in. Even Snoop Dogg chimed in on the dispute offering to pay Rotimi’s debt off so that 50 wouldn’t kill him off of the Starz drama.

Whether Snoop Dogg paid the debt or the two men settled it, 50 took to Instagram with “positive vibes” for Rotimi, “I have no problem with @Rotimi, in fact, I wish him and his family the best God bless. POSITIVE VIBES.” 50 posted.

If you could help one celebrity get out of trouble, who would it be? Kodak Black, Lil Durk or Teairra Mari?

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