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Rap With A Little Bit Of Country Holds The Number One Spot On The Billboard Hot 100 Chart for Second Week

  • Lil Nas X continues to celebrate as his song “Old Town Road”, not only sits at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a second week, the country-rap song has now beat Drake’s one-week streaming record.Lil Nas X’s debut song beat out Drake’s “God’s Plan” in first-week streaming garnering 143 million streams in one week, “God’s Plan” received 116.2 million streams in its first week. Lil Nas X celebrated by posting the incredible accomplishment to his Instagram, he captioned the screenshot of the Chart Data prediction, “Legendary.”Hip-Hop artists defended Lil Nas’ song after it was kicked off the Country chart for not being “country enough.” Looks like Lil Nas X and his country rap tunes could be around for a while.  It seems like diversity in music is becoming the thing now. Artist seem to be teaming up with artist from different cultures of music. Artist like Nelly, Beyonce, and even Rapper Nikki Minaj even teamed up with Korean sensation BTS in one of their songs. This just maybe something the world needs to unite. What do you think?

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