From loving NIKE’S  to burning them is what some Nike protesters are doing. Many have taken to to social media to express why they are boycotting NIKE. Social media has really been an outlet for some. Videos are being posted of people actually setting all of their NIKE items on fire and stating they are supporting the disrespect of the American flag. Well NIKE says the people that they target have no problem with their decision and they dont plan on changing it. NIKE wearer’s every where who still love them are posting pictures to show their support for Collin Kaepernick and The Brand. So am I! How do feel about the decision and would you continue to wear them even if you disagreed with the companies choice?



WHILE HELPING THE AMERICAN RED CROSS RAISE MONEY FOR FLOOD VICTIMS OF FLORENCE TORNADO SWEEPS THROUGH MY HOMETOWN. KIRK FRANKLIN FORGIVES HIS FATHER AFTER FINDING OUT HE HAD ONLY MONTHS TO LIVE #Westworld’s Thandie Newton “I don’t even believe in God, but I’m going to thank her tonight” #Emmys Saturday Night Live’ Premieres on Sept. 29 With Adam Driver and Kanye West The BIG DM, the American Red Cross and WIS TV raising money for the Hurricane Florence Relief Drive Thanks for the support D.L. Hughley