Wendy Williams Addresses Social Media About Viral Pictures of Her

    We all know that Wendy Williams have going through a lot. From her admitting to her drug and alcohol abuse to her messy marriage. Wendy decided to use her own platform to talk about all of the pictures that have been floating around. She said to remember this thing called photo shop! As she sat in her chair looking fabulous she displayed the pics from the internet and asked her audience did she look frail and busted. The audience seem to still love the very opinionated Wendy, even though they don’t with a lot of her actions. A fan tried to give her a hug during one taping of the show, Wendy jumped back and told her “NO HUGGING” and threw the shirt at her. The fan really didn’t make much of it, however social media ran with it. Im really hoping that Wendy is getting the help she needs to get better. We are praying for you Wendy.