SC Declares State Of Emergency

In this GOES-13 satellite image taken Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017 at 7:15 a.m. EDT, and released by NASA/NOAA GOES Project, Hurricane Irma tracks over Saint Martin and the Leeward Islands. Hurricane Irma roared into the Caribbean with record force early Wednesday, its 185-mph winds shaking homes and flooding buildings on a chain of small islands along a path toward Puerto Rico, Cuba and Hispaniola and a possible direct hit on densely populated South Florida. (NASA/NOAA GOES Project via AP)

Governor Henry McMaster declaring a state of emergency this afternoon and, along with the S.C. Emergency Management Division, has urged South Carolinians to prepare for the potential impact of Hurricane Irma here in the Midlands.

“The state of emergency allows one of the best, most experienced emergency response teams in the entire world to begin organizing response efforts,” said Gov. Henry McMaster.

“South Carolina is fortunate to have time to allow us to prepare for Hurricane Irma’s potential landfall, and it is important that families and individuals in vulnerable areas use that time to review safety plans in case they are needed.”

Authorities will be working ahead of the curve to prepare for landfall of what currently classifies as a category five hurricane. Forecasters believe Irma could affect the east coast of the United States in the coming days – Irma could fins it’s way into North and South Carolina as early as Sunday or Monday.



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