Niki Minaj has yet to win a grammy. After the nominations came out last week it looks like it won’t change in 2019. Twitter went in on Niki saying things like “she needs to hang it up” someone else said “Bradly cooper will win a Grammy before Niki will”. Niki Minaj has not responded to any of the tweets. I feel Niki had her run and it may not be over, however when you are up against artist like Cardi B who is loved by all and is one of the most requested artist to collab with, its gonna be tough. I believe if Niki had not tried to go at Cardi B there  may have been a chance at least for a nomination.  Niki has even stepped outside of the box doing collaborations with the Korean Boy Band BTS,  so she is still doing her thing and still very will liked however, I don’t think shes doing well in the popularity department. She was known to some as trying to relive the life of little Kim and for that she lost a few fans. I can say the last album is not my favorite, but it’s selling very well.  I hope her team can get it together because the way shes going about dealing with competition is not helping her career. Do you feel she’s is finished in the industry?



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