YESS! YES! YESSSSS! Former First Lady Michelle Obama really changed the game up! She is showing off all of her alter egos!! She’s always been known for setting fashion trends, but this time she went all out at the Barclay’s Arena in New York when she stepped on stage in sparkly thigh high boots valued at 4000 dollars!!!! She has been on tour promoting her new book and most of the tours have been sold out!! Nothing different in New York as she was interviewed by the shoe queen herself Sarah Jessica Parker. She said she knew everybody was going to dissect all of her outfits so She gave them something to talk about this time!! LOL She also stated she tries to use her platform during her time as Flotus to uplift younger and lesser known designers. These were designed by Balenciaga and they are definitely boots I would love to have in my collection. I would even take the knock offs, 4000 dollars for boots just don’t fit in my budget quite yet. LOL Michelle Obama YOU ROCK HONEY!!



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