LISTEN: SWV’s Lelee Chats Performing with The Roots, Grammy Snubs, Pharrell Williams, Inspiration & MORE [AUDIO]

SWV will take us back to the 90's when the music, fashion, life & more was FUN

Guy & SWV will be in Columbia, Friday, September 1st at The Township Auditorium. SWV’s Lelee phoned to chat about the show, past Grammy snubs, Pharrell Williams & MORE.

Lelee chats SWV’s upcoming performance at The Township Auditorium.

Lelee chats SWV performing with The Roots & working Pharrell Williams years before we all got ‘HAPPY’ #ihadnoidea 🙂


Lelee chats past Grammy snubs. *the music was the best in the 90’s.

Lelee chats pushing forward in life #getsomeinspiration 🙂

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