Its a celebration for the couple who will always be considered  THE FIRST FAMILY! Michelle and Barack met in college and according to Michelle it was love at first sight. She stated when she me Barack she kinda knew that she was going to marry him. She played hard to get but she eventually gave in. According to Barack he was going to do whatever it took to get her, now thats love. The couple is considered the strongest couple to be able to endure everything they have gone through. During an interview they said all of the things that were thrown at them made them closer. Michelle said I was strong when he was weak and he was my strength when I needed it. She advises all women not to just back off and give their husbands some time when times are tough. She stated, even though they don’t always appear to need you, they do.  MESSAGE!! I have learned a lot from this couple. They made history yet managed to keep the family first. Thats something that is rare because most marriages that are highlighted end behind scandals that are from the past. They kept God first and this was the result of it. As we continue to follow them, we are praying for many more years to come. HAPPY 26TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO MY FIRST COUPLE.



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