Fran Drescher is excited and agrees to Cardi B playing her daughter in the reboot of “THE NANNY”

The multi grammy award winner Cardi B might be hitting the TV screen again. With all of the old TV shows reboots, Fran Drescher’s hit comedy show “The Nanny” is among them. Fran plays the role of a high class nanny who falls in love and end up marrying her boss. Well the last few episodes Fran was shown pregnant but we never got the chance to see the baby. LOL Now the reboot will have them happily married with the child between them being a young adult played by Cardi B. Cardi said she is flattered and agrees that her mannerism is a lot like Fran’s. I can see this for Cardi because they even sound alike. Lets see how this plays out. LOL  Cardi is really making a name for herself with the tours and now TV. She can actually say, ” STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM, NOW IM HERE”



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