Chris Connors

Spring Break!!

Didn’t know it was Spring Break until I was on my way to work and […]

Binge Watcher?

I must confess that I often binge watch Netflix shows, but little did I know […]

The first time????

I regularly play the lottery, so to hear that a teenager played the lottery in […]

Do I follow Rihanna?

Rihanna knows how to stay on top…or should I say “topless”  Yesterday she posted a […]

Can you believe it!!

JAY-Z and BEYONCE’ have announced additional OTR II stadium tour dates due to overwhelming demand […]

Get well Aretha!

Aretha Franklin was forced to cancel upcoming shows due to health concerns and ordered by […]

Pickle Juice Anyone?

Would you try a pickle juice slush, snowcone or maybe even ice cream?…I’ll pass on […]