Shamara Afia

My career in media began more than a decade ago as an intern in Philadelphia, PA. Gaining an invaluable marketing experience, I landed my first radio gig in Charlotte, North Carolina. In an industry that's forever changing, I returned home to Philadelphia, PA where I would continue to perfect her craft at top media outlets in the market for over 12 years. In current times, I'm busy creating a way through Columbia, South Carolina - keeping folks who tune into the Steve Harvey Morning Show locally entertained. Friend, I've done a whole entire lot, to keep up with me - do so via social media! OH! I do say the word - FRIEND - a whole lot too! Hi-5 Friend Motivate, Uplift, Inspire JUST ONE

Thank YOU!

My Birthday is on the 20th! Always nice to see that I’m appreciated. Thank you […]

When You Meet Someone Who Talks More Than You Do…… (VIDEO)

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